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CDM’s mission is to strengthen the Church through connections. Through articles, podcasts, and resources we want to help connect you with people and tools that will help you in ministry.

Ministry to children can often feel lonely, but we hope this site will be a place that will encourage you and equip you for a lifetime of investing in the next generation. You are part of God’s covenant community and your investment in the little ones really does matter to God.

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How to Prepare Your Heart for Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

How to Prepare Your Heart for Difficult Conversations with Your Kids Parenting isn’t easy. Counter-cultural parenting—that’s next level difficult! The world tells us, and our kids, that the way we feel determines our reality. But with this mentality, those struggling with depression would be truly worthless. Those experiencing a breakup would be rejected and unloved. This idea that our feelings dictate our reality is a dangerous falsehood planted by the enemy. Instead, believers must recognize feelings for what they are, acknowledge them, analyze them, and work through them! The way we feel doesn’t change the reality of our identity, [...]

Where Do You Begin? Policies and Procedures

Where Do You Begin? Policies and Procedures   If you work in children’s ministry, you have a passion for it. It is hard work, but you have a spiritual motivation to help these little ones discover God’s love. Your job description requires you to do things that make sense to you, and you know how to do, like recruiting and training volunteers, working with curriculum, planning events, and communicating with parents.   But now you have the added responsibility of writing, updating, or editing child safety policies and procedures. Many find this outside their skill set, and some find [...]

Engaging our Children in the PCA’S 50th Anniversary Celebration

Engaging our Children in the PCA's 50th Anniversary Celebration Although I’ve been a part of the PCA for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal of history as I’ve entered into the role of Children’s Ministry Coordinator during the time the PCA is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary. I’m so thankful that the prayer subcommittee (Sue Pitzer, Susan Hunt, and Laura Dowling) wanted to include the prayers of the children in their efforts to gather our denomination in prayer next year. We tried to intentionally prepare the anniversary prayer calendar in a way [...]

Family Traditions

Family Traditions Yikes! It’s that busy, busy time of year—parties, play practices, Christmas concerts, cookie baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating—whew!  You may find yourself wondering, “How on earth can I do it all, make the holidays meaningful, and still survive?” Well, dear parent, let’s start off with taking a deep breath. Recognize that we all tend to feel this pressure. We want those things that “help to make the season bright.” As you make decisions about what you will do for this Christmas (and other holidays), I’d like to help you think through the purpose of traditions. We read in [...]

Illustrating Hymns for Young Hearts

Illustrating Hymns for Young Hearts My love of hymns began at a very young age. Both my parents have a great love for hymns and had a large impact on my desire for singing songs of praise that are packed with deep biblical truths. Growing up, I also had the opportunity to attend a classical Christian school for a number of years. As part of our education, we had a chapel service every Friday during which we had one hymn that we sang each week for a month. One year we had several guest speakers teach us about various hymn [...]

Christmas! A Wonderful Way to Connect with Parents

Christmas! A Wonderful Way to Connect with Parents I’m one of those people who loves Christmas. The lights, music, decorating, special foods and family traditions are a welcome part of the season for me. As a young mom with young children, I looked for ways to make Christmas into a joyous celebration of our Savior’s birth. In my search I found a book edited by R.C. Sproul called, Christ in Christmas:  A Family Advent Celebration. As I read, I learned the meanings behind the Advent celebration and the Advent wreath. It was filled with scripture readings, Christmas hymns, and activities [...]

Little Hearts Prepare Him Room with Holly Mackle

Little Hearts Prepare Him Room with Holly Mackle In the midst of the hurry and scurry of the Advent season, how do you best prepare your heart to meet Christ? Join Holly Mackle and Karen Hodge as they discuss both theologically rich and tremendously fun ways to celebrate Advent with your family. The Little Hearts Prepare Him Room podcast was originally posted on December 1st, 2020 Visit the CDM Women's Ministry Encourage Site to listen to this podcast, as well as other podcasts. Holly Mackle is the curator of the mom humor collaboration Same Here, Sisterfriend, [...]

The Long View of Discipleship

The Long View of Discipleship The annual Leadership Training Retreat has easily become one of the things I most look forward to each year.  Three days spent in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, delicious food shared with new and old friends, worshipping with other believers, and learning alongside others in similar roles who are also ministering to children make LTR special to me. LTR is a unique conference geared for those who are in leadership positions in the church and specifically in children's ministry.  Time together is rich and sweet. I've attended this retreat the last six years, and [...]

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