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CDM’s mission is to strengthen the Church through connections. Through articles, podcasts, and resources we want to help connect you with people and tools that will help you in ministry.

Ministry to children can often feel lonely, but we hope this site will be a place that will encourage you and equip you for a lifetime of investing in the next generation. You are part of God’s covenant community and your investment in the little ones really does matter to God.

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Engaging Pastoral Leadership in Child Protection

Engaging Pastoral Leadership in Child Protection Sadly, I have seen it happen far too many times. The children’s ministry director attends a conference, signs up for a seminar on child protection, brings home some good resources, and starts to write child protection documents. They invest a lot of time in making church a safe place for children and the adults who work with them. But they can never get church leadership’s support for the effort. They don’t feel the leaders will back them if they need to enforce the policies and procedures. We know most pastors and leaders want [...]

Reflecting on Summer Ministry

Reflecting on Summer Ministry The transition time between the summer season and an academic season of ministry is often an overlooked opportunity. Sustaining summer ministry requires a good amount of effort, as does being ready for the fresh new season of ministry that comes with the beginning of the school year. These seasons seem to mesh up together with very little time for evaluation (but hopefully a little vacation/reprieve in there somewhere). As the rhythms in your ministry to children are getting under way, I encourage you to set aside a little bit of time to evaluate the fruitfulness [...]

Coming to the Table

Coming to the Table As good ol’ Reformed Presbyterians, we know that our children are members of the covenant community. We treat them as “insiders,” expecting them to join us as we pray, as we sing, and as we listen to the sermon. We say with enthusiasm, “Our children are part of the visible church!” Even as they enjoy the blessings of being part of God’s people, we look forward to the day when they can articulate the gospel and they say, “Yes, I believe!” However, we parents can get a little uneasy about this transition. The Holy Spirit [...]

Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2Timothy 3:16 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11 As teachers, we must be PROACTIVE. We must set a tone, an atmosphere that helps each child to enjoy and benefit from our lessons and activities. We want to maintain a reasonably orderly environment and yet not be [...]

Teaching Children to Bring Their Cares to God

Teaching Children to Bring their Cares to God The children who enter the children’s ministry classroom each week do not leave their baggage at the door. They arrive with all the feels accumulated throughout the week. They carry with them worries, sorrows, and cares from life lived in a fallen world. One child might be worried about a test at school the next day. Another might bear anger toward a sibling for breaking a beloved toy earlier that morning. Still another might feel the weight of failure over a lost soccer game the day before. Such emotions often feel [...]

Hopefully Devoted to Jesus

Hopefully Devoted to Jesus During much of my early adolescence, I was absolutely infatuated with Olivia Newton-John—for her Aussie accent as well as her music. It all began with the movie Grease, and one of her many hit songs from that musical: “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” In my foolish pre-teen mind, this song perfectly summed up my allegiance to a woman who was much too old for me (and way out of my league). I’m sure my parents hardly in favor of this heart devotion of mine! As Christian parents and grandparents, we understand that our children, in their foolish [...]

Not All Questions Are Equal

Not All Questions Are Equal What an amazing opportunity we have Sunday after Sunday. God’s people gather to worship the Lord, listen to the preaching of the Word, and then it’s off to Sunday School where we get to teach our young ones the glorious truths of the gospel. As teachers, we spend the week in preparation, making sure we know the nuances of the passages and the best way to share the lesson. Perhaps we’ve thought of a game to either reinforce the lesson, or to help build vital relationships among the classmates (much more than classmates, but [...]

There is Still Time to Plan for Summer

There is Still Time to Plan for Summer Are you in the middle of planning your summer for children's ministry? Are you still thinking through a VBS option for the summer? CDM offers a curriculum that provides in-depth Bible lessons, emphasizes Scripture memory, is Gospel centered and is FUN for children and adults alike. If you are not familiar with Reachout Adventures, take a look at the benefits of Space Probe. Although the Space Probe curriculum is intended for a week-long Vacation Bible School, there are various ways you can adapt this curriculum to fit your church!  Check out [...]





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