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This includes resources we have gathered from PCA churches across the country and resources our Children’s Ministry Team have developed to strengthen your church.

If you have a resource you would be willing to share or a resource you would like us to develop, we want to hear from you. Email us.

The information below comes in   PDF,   Word doc,   on-site articles, off-site pages or website and links to   videos. Click the title of interest to view, download and /or print or watch.

Children’s Ministry Certification website

 CDM’s Certification Program is theological and practical training for non-ordained staff or volunteers who are currently serving in children’s ministry within the local church.  Whether your church is 50 or 5000 people, this certification program will impact your church by developing and enhancing your Children’s Ministry.

Meet CDM’s Children’s Ministry Leadership Team

More Resources will be COMING SOON!

CDM often receives requests for music that can be played when children or adults gather and that teaches scripture. In cooperation with Crown and Covenant Publications, we are pleased to provide links to Psalms for Singing, arranged and recorded by Matthew David Montgomery of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville and to C&C’s projectable slides with lyrics and/or written music.

“The Psalms are the foundational book of Christian worship and piety. . . Yet the use of psalms in public worship has been marginalized in recent centuries . . .What a tragedy for the church—that such God-inspired riches have been moved to the realm of private devotion. Given this, it is always encouraging to hear of projects which aim to bring the psalms back to the doxological center of the church’s life. Matthew David Montgomery’s Psalms for Singing aims to do just that. I hope its resources encourage and enable churches and families to place the psalter back at the center of Christian praise, public and private.” – Carl Trueman, author of “The Rise & Triumph of the Modern Self,” and professor of Biblical & Religious Studies

Crown & Covenant Publications has given access to The Book of Psalms for Worship at Click here for a sample of the Psalms.

At CDM, we are always developing new resources to help your church minister to children.

Teach Me to Worship

The Why and How of Teach Me to Worship 

Teach Me to Worship – A Complete Lesson Walk-Through 

From Garden to Glory for Kids  your children can study the same things their mothers are studying in women’s Bible study.

Children’s Ministry 101 

Kid’s Worship Worksheet  & Kid’s Worship Stickers

With clarity and beautiful illustrations, The Good Shepherd’s Pasture explains to both children and their parents the rich covenantal theology of baptism in story form using the metaphor of The Good Shepherd’s Pasture for the Church.

Church IS NOT Boring

The Bible IS NOT Boring

Disclaimer:  The resources and ministries on this page are not comprehensive or an affiliate of CDM. Our goal is to connect you to resources that may be helpful, but CDM is not endorsing any of these organizations.

Christmas Resources 2021

Children’s Ministry Books  

Children’s Catechism Books

Books for Children

VBS Reachout Adventures:

While the world cheers on the 2020 Olympians,

inspire your VBS Athletes to go the distance with Joshua,

the great champion of the Bible who points us to Jesus!

Great Commission Publications VBS Curriculums:

The King is Coming! Sound the trumpets and prepare the way! God’s everlasting covenant begins with creation and is fulfilled with the King’s eternal reign.

The Race is On is designed to serve as an encouragement to your covenant children to continue faithfully running the Race set before them. In addition, we pray that many others will join this life-changing Race for the first time as the Holy Spirit changes their hearts.

Faith Expedition  God’s Treasure Revealed is an exciting adventure, taking children across time through the lives of Moses, David, Daniel, Matthew, Paul and Silas.

Other Recommended VBS Curriculums:

Road Rally:  Covenant PCA could not find a program that was a really good fit for them. They wanted something decidedly reformed in nature, that taught Biblical principles clearly and without compromise, with material accessible and challenging to both “churched” and “unchurched” children. At the same time, they wanted a program that was still full of fun and excitement and was presented more like a day camp rather than following a classroom model.

We are pleased to say that we believe “Road Rally” VBS does all of the above and more! Because children are broken up into small “Pit Crews” and rotate through different “Pit Stops” children get individual attention whether you have a smaller VBS with 20 to 30 children, or a larger program of 600 or more children.

It is our prayer for you that Road Rally VBS will be used by the Holy Spirit to reveal to children that Jesus is the way, and to challenge both adults and kids to follow Him.

vbs-slide-osm Scottish Sleuths Vacation Bible School Curriculum: This VBS series has been designed to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to children through a week-long, intensive study of God’s Word.


Disclaimer:  The resources and ministries on this page are not comprehensive or an affiliate of CDM. Our goal is to connect you to resources that may be helpful, but CDM is not endorsing any of these organizations.

“Child Protection in the PCA”

All church leaders should become informed and take an active stance toward preventing child sexual abuse in the church by screening staff and volunteers, training them in child protection, and actively maintaining child protection policies pertaining to our obligations to love our children and protect their rightful interests as God’s image-bearers from the devastating actions of abusers. (Matthew 18:5-6)

From Overture 6 – Georgia Foothills Presbytery


Child Safeguarding Policy Guide by Basyle Tchividjian

Child Safety Guidelines for Local Churches by Roger N. McNamara

Safe Kids: Policies and Procedures for Protecting Children in the Church by Blake Caldwell

Preventing Child Abuse by Beth A Swagman (Helps churches and nonprofit organizations develop policies and procedures to protect children and youth.)

Safekeeping by Henni Helleman, Patricia J Vos (An age-appropriate two-session abuse prevention curriculum for grades K-8.)


ADPEmployee Background Checks and Pre-employment Screening from ADP provides the tools and expertise to quickly and accurately assess candidates.

MinistrySafe provides seven levels of background checks in a simple online dashboard, with discounted pricing offered to PCA churches. Customization and price match services are available, as well as access to expert legal advice. View pricing

Protect My Ministryoffers complete background check and volunteer screening services for churches. Used by General Assembly.

USAFact Reliable, accurate and affordable background checks, drug testing, tenant screening and loan origination services.


Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, VA, has developed a thorough system and set of resources to protect children in their church. In addition, they have provided various forms for everything from a children’s ministry volunteer application and youth ministry staff applications, to a background check waiver. They have generously allowed us to share their resources with you. Check out their many resources here.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance provides an Online library of safety and risk management materials created especially for churches and related ministries. The website has articles, checklists, guidebooks and tools, publications, sample forms, and training.

MinistrySafe equips churches to implement the 5-Part Safety System through a simple online dashboard. Resources include online training, sample screening forms, sample policies, background checks, tools for monitoring and oversight, and access to expert legal advice. Discounted pricing offered to PCA churches.

Adults Protecting Children, Inc. gives parents and organizations the tools they need to protect children from sexual abuse. They also equip adults to know how to recognize the signs of abuse and empower them to react responsibly to a disclosure, discovery or a suspicion of abuse.







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