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CDM’s mission is to strengthen the Church through connections. Through articles, podcasts, and resources we want to help connect you with people and tools that will help you in ministry.

Ministry to children can often feel lonely, but we hope this site will be a place that will encourage you and equip you for a lifetime of investing in the next generation. You are part of God’s covenant community and your investment in the little ones really does matter to God.

Check back often for new posts and updated resources.

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GROW Virtual Conference – August 19-20, 2022

Theme: The Good Shepherd

Gather a group of teachers and volunteers at your church to participate in a
Livestream and recorded weekend of training.

The Legacy of 3 Pastors Who Encouraged Discipleship of Children

The Legacy of 3 Pastors Who Encouraged Discipleship of Children I have loved reading and hearing stories about the impact of three influential men who died recently. I know there are many more faithful pastors who have blessed the children, but losing these three in the same week has encouraged all of us to think about the legacies of Steve Smallman, Harry [...]

Caring About Child Protection

Caring about Child Protection I remember the very first training I attended that focused on the safety and protection of children. Two churches in our city partnered together to create a weekend training that was done really well. It was encouraging to see the elders and leaders from both churches modeling to everyone that this was important work. It was also heavy [...]

Classroom Management – Who’s in Charge Around Here Anyway?

Classroom Management—Who’s in charge around here, anyway? Besides the children pushing around toy cars and building towers with blocks, three other things are always at play in our classrooms: the effects of sin, the effects of the work of grace, and the hope of supernatural power. When things are going rough, too often we only see the effects of sin and forget [...]

Save the Date for Lead Retreat

Save the Date for LEAD Retreat At CDM, we love connecting people to people and people to resources.  My favorite time to do this is at our annual children’s ministry retreat. One quote that was shared with a children’s ministry team member after this year’s retreat was, “It’s the one place I can come, and I don’t have to explain myself.”  [...]

Creative Ways to Teach the Apostles Creed

Creative Ways to Teach the Apostles Creed The Apostles’ Creed is a great tool to teach children about God, what we know to be true about him and the promises he makes to his people. The structure in which the Creed is written–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–also provides a helpful framework for children to understand the Trinity. But teaching the creed sounds [...]

Don’t Neglect the Catechizing of your Covenant Children

Don’t Neglect the Catechizing of Your Covenant Children  Teaching by use of a catechism has fallen on hard times in the church today. I have known conservative evangelical Christians who think learning the catechism is a thing only the Roman Catholic Church does. Even many Presbyterians only contemplate catechism as a series of questions and answers in a little booklet that children memorize. [...]

Honest Grief and Hopeful Joy

Honest Grief and Hopeful Joy It’s been one week since the tragedy at Covenant School in Nashville. The grief is still fresh, and we all feel deeply for each family impacted. Worship felt a little sweeter yesterday, and Holy Week will have special meaning as we remember the six lives taken too early. We are all praying for Covenant Presbyterian in [...]

The Importance of Summer Ministry

The Importance of Summer Ministry If you’ve yet to watch my short 3-minute video on the importance of summer ministry, click here to watch it and get a quick overview of what I’d like to share with you here. First, in the midst of our very busy schedules, why in the world should we do summer ministry? Isn’t summer a time to [...]





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