Join Us For Grow Virtual

2024-07-02T20:06:47+00:00July 1st, 2024|Blog, Disabilities, Grow Virtual|

Join us for Grow Virtual— I love people! Relationships with others help me thrive. If you know me, you may be surprised to learn that I am an introvert because relationships are so richly rewarding for me and always worth my time. This is where I confess that the virtual conference is [...]

Thank You God for Autism

2024-05-23T22:34:49+00:00April 1st, 2024|Blog, Children's Ministry, Disabilities|

Thank You God for Autism— The police came again. My husband got to share with them about our son, John, who lives with autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Tourette syndrome. John loves to walk and pace on our neighborhood street these days. This past week I came out into our front yard to search for [...]

Special Needs

2023-03-24T16:51:39+00:00June 5th, 2022|Disabilities, Resources, Special Needs|

Special Needs Ministry Why We Need Special Needs or Disability Ministries When we read the gospels, we see Jesus ministering to those who are on the fringe of society: the lonely, the broken, and the disabled. Bringing children with disabilities into your children’s ministry may [...]

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