We long for the covenant children in our churches to be shaped by worship and to grow to be lifelong worshippers. Unfortunately, research shows that American churches have failed to do that. According to a Barna Group study in 2019, nearly two-thirds of American 18- to 29-year-olds who grew up in church have withdrawn from involvement as an adult. But how do we correct this? The same Barna Group study found that “belonging” and “‘connectedness” were seen as the driving factors for those identified as “resilient disciples.” The really great news is that this already fits into the PCA’s belief in Covenant Theology that shapes the worship and prayer practices of our congregations.

Teach Us to Worship will help churches consider the Biblical call to worship as a covenant family. Our prayer is that God will use this program to create a culture shift in our churches where children feel more welcomed in worship by equipping and encouraging elders, children’s ministry professionals, parents, and multi-generational congregations. We want to support churches in this endeavor by providing training resources that will help our covenant children grow to be lifelong worshippers.