From Garden to Glory for Kids

Jennifer Zell, PCA

In stories of kings, princes, knights and dragons, the kings usually have lots of strong, brave knights and soldiers to help them. They fight valiantly to create a perfect kingdom, but none has the skill to bring heaven to earth … except one.

In the story of God’s kingdom, the King has a perfect plan, and his hero has everything he needs to achieve success. This study aims to draw preschool children into the Bible’s over-arching story of redemption. Children learn about a kingdom, a villain, a king, and the ultimate hero. This story is a true story, better than any other book they’ve heard or movie they’ve seen.

This is a companion resource that was written in coordination with Courtney Doctor and each lesson corresponds with the adult study. Every chapter has a lesson, a craft and an activity.

Your children can study the same things as their mothers in women’s Bible study.