Have you ever felt lonely in Children’s Ministry? Have you ever felt like you have the heart and desire for ministering to children but are still growing in the skills? I worked in Children’s Ministry for 9 years before joining the CDM team. I remember many times being so hungry to learn from others, to connect with others, and to share ideas with others. One of the many things I love about the certification program at CDM is the opportunity it allows to connect with others all over the country (and even the world) who are doing ministry just like you. Certification is also an opportunity to learn from others virtually who have experience in leading and serving in children’s ministry at churches of all sizes.

So What Exactly Is Children’s Ministry Certification? 

CDM’s Certification Program is theological and practical training for non-ordained staff or volunteers who are currently serving in children’s ministry within the local church. Whether your church is 50 or 5000 people, this certification program will impact your church by developing and enhancing your Children’s Ministry.

The 12-month program is progressive. It is a combination of webinars, readings, and projects that will provide training for every area of Children’s Ministry.

All participants will be part of the CDM community that includes investment by a mentor, a professional online cohort with others ministering to children, and attendance to the Children’s Leadership Training Retreat. Once a student passes the 12-month certification training, he or she will receive an official Certificate of Training in Children’s Ministry from the PCA denomination.

The beauty of certification is that it can be done from anywhere at any time.

You can read more about the certification program and watch a short video on the website.

The application process is starting now! If you have any questions, you can reach out to our certification administrator, Natasha Bennett, at cdm.certification@pcanet.org.

We believe this program is a great benefit to all those who are in leadership roles in children’s ministry. You will be impacted by this program, your church will be impacted, and most importantly the next generation will be impacted!


What I learned in certification is becoming foundational to children’s ministry in my church. From covenant theology to why (and how) we include children in corporate worship, EVERYTHING I learned has made a difference in how I approach children’s ministry and how I encourage others in my church to think about children’s ministry. Excellent marriage of biblical, covenantal theology with practical theology.  Mindy Robinson

I especially appreciated the readings and assignments that equipped and encouraged me to creatively think outside the little box of the “usual practices” of our local church and to set specific goals for our ministry to children. These recorded goals of how we will disciple children specific to our community and the valuable resources from CDM are lasting tools that will keep motivating toward ministry excellence. Darryl McPherson 

Certification is a giant gift from God. Walking the road of children’s ministry can be bumpy, confusing, and disheartening when you don’t know what you are doing or why. Certification gives you the tools and support to walk the road with joy and confidence, trusting Jesus every step and bump of the way.   Brea Duty  


Bethany Belue works on the CDM team as the Communication Coordinator for Children’s Ministry. Before transitioning into this role she helped develop and administor the certification program for children’s ministry.  Prior to CDM she was the Children’s Director at 2 large PCA churches, Redeemer presbyterian in NYC and Oak Mountain PCA in Birmingham AL.  She currently lives in Mobile, AL with her husband and baby boy Patterson.