While the world cheers on the 2021 Olympians,
inspire your VBS Athletes to go the distance with Joshua,
the great champion of the Bible who points us to Jesus!

A few years ago, there was a terrible rumor going around.  VBS is becoming extinct!  Churches are just not doing it any longer.

I am so thankful that rumor was not true and that churches everywhere are more excited than ever to host a VBS-style summer ministry in 2021.  It is time to regather and there are so many reasons why your ministry should be deciding now what your summer “festival” will look like.  Yes, VBS is a church festival that simulates today what God was establishing with his people in all the old testament festivals:

  • Teaching children the story of God’s covenant promise and deliverance
  • Bringing the tribe (church) together to celebrate being God’s people
  • Showing the surrounding nations (community) your joy in the Lord, telling them His story
  • Developing a culture of traditions that will aid each generation in telling the next

Is your church coming together to teach, celebrate, show the onlookers, and create an enduring culture for generations?  If not, start this summer with whatever form of festival ministry you can generate.  An entire week too much for now? Here is a complete guide for creating a VBS Reachout Olympion 2-hour, three-day program. Think about morning or evening, one day a week, Sunday evening.  What design would fit your member resources and facility capabilities?

As one who has directed and taught VBS Reachout Adventures in my home church for over 30 years, I know it is a lot of work and quite exhausting. But I can also confirm that VBS is worth every ounce of energy you will spend.  VBS Reachout has four themes that repeat so that the children, youth helpers, and adults look forward to the refrains of each one, remembering together.  This makes memories that cause a church to commemorate our Lord together – what he has done, is doing and will do through his covenant people.  Begin your festival tradition.  Celebrate Him with VBS this summer!

Sue Jakes is Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship MinistriesSue oversees the effort of CDMto connect and equip those who serve in discipleship ministry to children. She develops and reviews resources to help those who work with children and youth and conducts training for church leaders, staff, and volunteers. Sue is also the Director of Children’s Ministry at Westminster PCA in Atlanta.