There is Still Time to Plan for Summer—

Are you in the middle of planning your summer for children’s ministry? Are you still thinking through a VBS option for the summer?

CDM offers a curriculum that provides in-depth Bible lessons, emphasizes Scripture memory, is Gospel centered and is FUN for children and adults alike. If you are not familiar with Reachout Adventures, take a look at the benefits of Space Probe.

Although the Space Probe curriculum is intended for a week-long Vacation Bible School, there are various ways you can adapt this curriculum to fit your church!  Check out this post to read about how you can even make the curriclum fit a 3 day program

Kids continue to be captivated by the adventure of the world of outer space and space travel. Genesis 1: Space Probe is our opportunity to take that interest deeper. We can help them learn of the One who not only hung the stars and planets but sustains them minute by minute.

We hope you’ll join us for Space Probe and take your kids on an adventure that by the working of His power will draw them to love and worship the Creator and Lord of the Universe!

You can visit the VBS Reachout Adventure Website to order your curriculum!

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