The Good King’s Feast

In The Good King’s Feast, Elizabeth Harwell proffers the covenant theology abundantly proclaimed through the sacrament of communion with the same style and clarity she used to explain baptism in The Good Shepherd’s Pasture. Children and parents alike will have new appreciation for the history and hope found at the Lord’s Table as they enjoy Harwell’s storytelling and the vibrant watercolor illustrations by Laura Pennebaker.

ELIZABETH HARWELL is the author of The Good Shepherd’s Pasture and The Good King’s Feast, companion children’s books on the sacraments of baptism and communion. She graduated with a degree in English Education and helped to foster a love for reading in middle schoolers before joining her husband Andrew in college ministry for ten years. She and Andrew are currently planting a church in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, where they live with their three kids and an exceptionally curious dog named Louie. You can find more of Elizabeth’s writing at

LAURA PENNEBAKER is an oil and watercolor artist. Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Mississippi in 2001. She enjoys painting with a colorful palette and a loose brushstroke. Laura also illustrated The Good Shepherd’s Pasture. She lives in Birmingham, AL, with her husband and three children.