God’s Story Bible Coloring Book

by GCP


Includes 158 coloring pages with coordinated activities on back, reproducible (perforated) pages, Bible story pictures from Genesis to Revelation, a picture and activities page for every lesson of Toddler, Preschool, and Younger Elementary curriculum.

Article by Sue Jakes

The newest SHOW ME JESUS curriculum support from Great Commission Publications is a 300+ page God’s Story Bible Coloring Book. However it is much, much more than a coloring book. Along with the 158 reproducible Bible pictures for coloring are 158 pages filled with activities and classroom helps for teaching the story depicted on the coloring page.

Wait! There’s more. The last six pages is an index assigning every lesson in the Toddler, Preschool, and Early Elementary to the suitable picture(s) for that lesson. The last page of the index has all of the Old and New Testament Bible stories listed in alphabetical order giving the page number for the appropriate picture. This is a children’s teacher or parent’s dream. Whether you are using the SHOW ME JESUS curriculum or not these coloring pages will aid you in your Bible instruction for children.

On the actual coloring page there is a scripture verse or phrase explaining the picture along with the Bible reference. Sending this coloring page home will give the parent an opportunity to look up the passage and read the story to their child again. But, if you choose to copy both sides of the paper, you are sending home wonderful family devotional material that will help train parents in teaching Bible truths to children.

What is on the back of the coloring page? A full page of story, song, rhyme, movement, and prayer activity is provided for every coloring page.Here’s an example from the picture entitled “The disciples saw Jesus return to heaven.”

Let’s Talk:

Ask: Who are the men in the picture? What are they doing?

Say: When it was time for Jesus to return… (full story given)

Ask: How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus returned to his Father in heaven?

Say: The disciples were joyful! They… (Answer continued)

Let’s Rhyme (activity given)

Let’s Do (activities described)

Let’s Pray (Leader prayer with children responding “Help us trust in you.”)

I will be suggesting this book as a help for:

1. Sunday school teachers, who may need one or two extra classroom activities,

2. Parents, who want (need) to have interactive family devotions,

3. A new idea for Children’s Church – start at the beginning and go straight through the Bible in 3 years,

4. Home School Bible Curriculum for multiple ages of small children,

5. Christian School Teachers, who need fresh ideas for teaching the Bible, and

6. Grandparents, like me, who want to take every opportunity to tell their grandchildren the Jesus story.

Thanks GCP, for a great new resource to reinforce the good news of the gospel as we disciple the next generation!