VBS Reachout Adventures


for Christ’s glory is what VBS Reachout Adventures is all about!

Our mission is to support the Church in fulfilling Christ’s call to evangelize and disciple children and their families. Our commitment is to create high caliber, spiritually engaging, Christ-centered Vacation Bible School curricula whose profound, grace-filled content and Christian world and life view are presented through fun-filled challenge and adventure.

We have four rotating Vacation Bible School Themes:

  • Space Probe – Propel young astronauts to new dimensions in their relationship with God as they time travel through the Book of Genesis to discover the wonder of redemption aboard the “Ark” of eternal salvation, Jesus Christ.
  • Summer Sequest – Dive deep into the adventure-filled Book of Jonah and meet the Sovereign God who saves!
  • Olympion – Challenge children through the Book of Joshua to run the race of faith passionately committed to Jesus Christ and His Word.
  • Upward Bound – Reach for the heights of God’s glory with the Gospel of Luke and show kids it’s all about Jesus!

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