Anyway and Always: A Story of Unconditional Love

When Katy disobeys, her daddy explains that his love for her is an example of God’s love for His people. This newly illustrated revision of Anyway and Always by Bryan and Kathy Chapell presents the promise of the covenants fulfilled by Christ in a personal and meaningful way for young children to understand.

With beautiful illustrations complementing the Chapells’ captivating storytelling, this book will become a favorite of children and parents.

BRYAN CHAPELL AND KATHY CHAPELL have been married more than four decades and raised four children who have passed their love for the Lord Jesus to a growing number of their children. Bryan has served as a pastor, author, and leader of Christian organizations. Kathy is a classically trained musician, who has directed church choirs, been a godly mother to her children (and their friends), a tender grandmother to children’s children, as well as a spiritual mother to countless seminary and church wives and moms.