Did you know registration is now open for the

2022 Children’s Ministry Certification Class?

2022 will begin our 4th year of students participating in our online children’s ministry training program for non-ordained staff and CM leaders!
We want you to consider joining a group of over 120 who have or will be certified in children’s ministry in the PCA.
Not only will you receive theological training in children’s ministry, you will also receive practical training on a variety of topics from volunteer training, to planning special events, to training children in worship. Each month is a different course taught by a different faculty member.
In addition to online learning, you will have the opportunity to read 14 books that further you in your development, connect with students in your region in a small cohort, and participate in the Leadership Training Retreat.

Visit the certification website to learn more and to apply!

“What I learned in certification is becoming foundational to children’s ministry in my church. From covenant theology to why (and how) we include children in corporate worship, EVERYTHING I leaned has made a difference in how I approach children’s ministry and how I encourage others in my church to think about children’s ministry. Excellent marriage of biblical, covenantal theology with practical theology.”
Mindy Robinson, 2020 Student